Club Commitment

Relentless Hustle is an elite lacrosse club that competes and wins at the highest level nationally! We are proud to say that we have made this progression in the short span since our inception in 2004 because we require a high level of commitment. We are sure everyone knows that during that same time frame Rochester has become a lacrosse hot-bed. A majority of the girls playing for these programs also play for Relentless Hustle. This is not a coincidence.

If we don’t have a high level of commitment we are forced to carry 25 to 27 girls on a team roster. Then when everyone shows up at a travel tournament players receive very little playing time. That is why we require a commitment so that we can keep 20 to 22 player rosters, so all of the players get plenty of playing time and have to opportunity to represent themselves several times during games that are being attended by College coaches. Furthermore, the less players on a team in the years that your daughter plays for Relentless Hustle equates into more touches and playing time at a high level of competition that allows our student athletes the opportunity to reach their full potential as lacrosse players.

College coaches know and respect Relentless Hustle and when they recruit one of our athletes they know they are getting a committed athlete who is well coached and prepared for the next level of play. College coaches are happy to make an investment in a committed lacrosse players, and not so eager to make an investment into girls who play lacrosse as a hobby. We understand that this level of commitment isn’t for everyone, however Relentless Hustle has established a proven formula preparing girls to play lacrosse at the next level. This philosophy is based primarily on our player’s commitment level to make sure we can field the strongest team in each age group with the best chance to excel at an elite level. We want to instill this high level of commitment and work ethic in all age groups in order to set the standard as the girls enter into the recruiting process and after they are committed to prepare them for their college career.

Relentless Hustle anticipates a very high demand for roster spots for this season. As such, we are seeking players who are committed to playing lacrosse for Relentless Hustle. Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments during the summer months. We will have time off all of August through the first two weeks of September for vacation. Additionally, fall is a time for other sports, and we do understand that however, we do expect that players will attend all of the tournaments in the fall.

Although Relentless Hustle will never be as strict as some other club sports, we want players who are committed to their teams and the Club. Lacrosse is a TEAM sport. We understand there are family weddings, religious events, graduations, medical reasons and other commitments that players will have to miss lacrosse to attend. So, these will be viewed as excused absences with prior notice and approval from the coaches. However, playing another club sport 80% of the time and coming to one Relentless Hustle event will not be allowed. This is unfair to the coaches and teammates. Additionally, players who are not committed to playing for Relentless Hustle will take up valuable roster spots from players who would love to be part of the team and part of the Relentless Hustle family. Therefore, if you cannot make the commitment to be there, please do not tryout.