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So… You Want To Play Lacrosse In College?


Recruiting opportunities:

Relentless Hustle provides more recruiting opportunities than ANY other club in Central and Western NY. Through Relentless Hustle and All Nations Showcase we have more local recruiting opportunities than ANY other club. You may ask yourself why is that important? The reason that this is so important is the increasing cost of girls’ lacrosse.

We host three tournaments; one in the summer at Honeoye Falls-Lima, and two fall tournaments which are both in/near Rochester. You will see that most of our tournament cost are as little as $400-$600  for not only Relentless Hustle teams but for ALL the others teams as well. Why does Relentless Hustle do this?  Easy… to promote the game and to have large tournaments as to provide a level of competition that was not available in our geographic region.

Our tournaments are designed to allow the student athletes to present their skills to college coaches without any of the conflicts that you may see in other clubs between school and club teams! Our tournaments are attended by more college coaches than any other tournaments in Western and Central NY.

Why should you play for Relentless Hustle? To ensure that you have these opportunities to get recruited whether your school teams attend these tournaments or not. Relentless Hustle players will ALWAYS have these opportunities in our tournaments to participate even when they are sold out!!! No other club can guarantee that!!!

Not only do we provide more opportunities locally than any other club, when we do go to expensive recruiting tournaments we maximize our opportunities. As I am sure that most of you know picking the right travel tournament is only half of the battle, once you are at a tournament the bracket you are put in is just as important. Because of Relentless Hustle’s success, our teams are put in brackets that ALL of the college coaches are recruiting.

When time permits, we also set up visits to colleges while we are at some of the travel tournaments, this gives us the opportunity to take advantage of seeing colleges out of our geographic region without any of the cost and additional driving time associated with traveling to these schools independently.

Cost, opportunities, and success in Relentless Hustle is unmatched by any other club in our geographic region!