Question 1: What is Relentless Hustle?

Relentless Hustle is an Elite Lacrosse Club for girls who wish to play competitively with the top players in the area. No girl’s lacrosse club provides better leadership, instruction, and commitment to its players then relentless Hustle Renegades. Come and try out and be a part of the girl’s lacrosse club that is turning heads all over the country. The Relentless Hustle Renegades Lacrosse club is designed to enhance and promote the top female lacrosse players in Upstate New York. We provide competitive opportunities for the elite and committed lacrosse player looking to improve their individual and team skills. Life lessons taught through competitive athletics and friendships made as members of a successful program are the cornerstones of our club.

The Renegades mission is to instill confidence in each of our scholar-athletes so they can “dare to achieve” their goals. We place tremendous value on each and every girl in our program, and foster an environment where player’s relentless hustle on the field affords them the opportunity to break through all barriers in life, and be successful.

Question 2: Can I play for Relentless Hustle and my school team?

Yes, our offerings, and tournaments are designed to allow clubs to play one day and for school teams to play the other in order to allow our student athletes to present their skills to college coaches without any of the conflicts that you may see in other clubs between school and club teams! Our tournaments are attended by more college coaches than any other tournaments in western and central NY. All we ask is that you don’t miss any of the summer practices and recruiting tournaments.

Question 3: What is the commitment level of a Relentless Hustle Lacrosse player?

We are looking for the serious and elite lacrosse players who are excited to be a part of a committed Lacrosse club. Relentless Hustle is an elite lacrosse club that competes and wins at the highest level nationally! We are proud to say that we have made this progression in the short span since our inception in 2008 because we require a high level of commitment. We are sure everyone knows that during that same time frame Rochester has become a lacrosse hot-bed. In this 2013 spring season, in class B alone, the Rochester area has 4 teams in top ten NY state ranking with a strength of schedule ranking 1, 2, 3 & 4 because they all have to play each other. A majority of the girls playing for these programs also play for Relentless Hustle. This is not a coincidence.

If we don’t have a high level of commitment we are forced to carry 25 to 27 girls on a team roster. Then when everyone shows up at a travel tournament players receive very little playing time. That is why we require a commitment so that we can keep 18 to 20 player rosters, so all of the players get plenty of playing time and have to opportunity to represent themselves several times during games that are being attended by College coaches. Furthermore the less players on a team in the years that your daughter plays for Relentless Hustle equates into more touches and playing time at a high level of competition that allows our student athletes the opportunity to reach their full potential as lacrosse players.

College coaches know and respect Relentless Hustle and when they recruit one of our athletes they know they are getting a committed athlete who is well coached and prepared for the next level of play. College coaches are happy to make an investment in a committed lacrosse players, and not so eager to make an investment into girls who play lacrosse as a hobby. We understand that this level of commitment isn’t for everyone, however Relentless Hustle has established a proven formula preparing girls to play lacrosse at the next level. This philosophy is based primarily on our player’s commitment level to make sure we can field the strongest team in each age group with the best chance to excel at an elite level. We want to instill this high level of commitment and work ethic in all age groups in order to set the standard as the girls enter into the recruiting process and after they are committed to prepare them for their college career.

Relentless Hustle anticipates a very high demand for roster spots for the 2016 season. As such, we are seeking players who are committed to playing lacrosse for Relentless Hustle. Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments during the summer months. We will have time off after the first week in August through the first two weeks of September for vacation. Additionally, fall is a time for other sports, and we do understand that however during that age groups recruiting year we do expect players to attend all tournaments that fall in order to be given a roster spot.

Although Relentless Hustle will never be as strict as some other club sports, we want players who are committed to their teams and the Club. Lacrosse is a TEAM sport. We understand there are family weddings, religious events, graduations, medical reasons and other commitments that players will have to miss lacrosse to attend. So, these will be viewed as excused absences with prior notice an approval from the coaches. However, playing another club sport 80% of the time and coming to one Relentless Hustle event will not be allowed. This is unfair to the coaches and teammates. Additionally, players who are not committed to playing for Relentless Hustle will take up valuable roster spots from players who would love to be part of the team and part of the Relentless Hustle family. Therefore, if you cannot make the commitment to be there, please do not tryout. Any player that cannot not make the required commitment for SUMMER TOURNAMENTS in almost all cases will be put on a second team at the age level if applicable, or may receive limited playing time throughout the season, or in extreme cases your roster spot will be given to another player.

Question 4: How are the teams composed?

Players selections will be made based on ability and individuals skills. Overall
talent and player commitment will be weighed heavily on player selection, all
of our teams are by graduation year, we are looking for the top 40 players in
each age group. We do not permit players to play up or down a grade level.

Question 5: Who are the Relentless Hustle coaches?

All of our Head Coaches are Varsity HS or Collegiate coaches committed to helping your daughters excel in the sport of Lacrosse. There is a strong blend of male and female coaches with a number collegiate players acting as second assistants on the teams. All coaches’ profiles may be viewed on the coach’s page.

Question 6: What playing time can my child expect?

All Players will play in tournaments. At clutch times you are likely to see the top 12 players on the field. Your child can expect to earn their opportunities and our staff will coach the same way they do with their own Varsity or Collegiate team. Our program does place an emphasis on competing successfully.

Question 7: Will playing with Relentless Hustle guarantee my child a scholarship?

No, it will give your daughter exposure to College/University coaches at the major recruiting tournaments. We believe that our philosophies and mission can create opportunities for players to be noticed. We will do our part to help move your child along to the next level.


Question 8: What tournaments does Relentless Hustle attend?

Relentless Hustle provides more recruiting opportunities than ANY other club in Central and Western NY thru Relentless Hustle and All Nations Showcase  we have more local recruiting opportunities than ANY other club, you may ask yourself why is that important? The reason that this is so important is the increasing cost of girl’s lacrosse.

Our tournaments are designed to allow clubs to play one day and for school teams to play the other in order to allow our student athletes to present their skills to college coaches without any of the conflicts that you may see in other clubs between school and club teams! Our tournaments are attended by more college coaches than any other tournaments in western and central NY. We also provide a college combine in Jan that 78 college coaches attended.

Why should you play for Relentless Hustle? To ensure that you have these opportunities to get recruited whether your school teams attend these tournaments or not. Relentless Hustle players will ALWAYS have these opportunities in our tournaments and combines to participate even when they are sold out!!! No other club can guarantee that!!!

Not only do we provide more opportunities locally than any other club, when we do go to expensive recruiting tournaments and we maximize our opportunities. As I am sure that most of you know picking the right travel tournament is only half of the battle. Once you are at a tournament the bracket you are put in is just as important. Due to Relentless Hustle’s success, are teams are put in brackets that ALL of the college coaches are recruiting. We don’t go to tournaments that are not recruiting tournaments, just to play competition that is not very good to feel good about ourselves.

Cost, opportunities, and success in Relentless Hustle is unmatched by any other club in our geographic region!