Our Mission

Our Mission:

To be the premier girls lacrosse club in the United States by providing the best in coaching, training, service, facilities and overall lacrosse product, both on and off the field. We look to enhance the life skills of the student-athlete through:

  • Allowing for personal development and growth into their next endeavor, either their next grade, or preparation for college.
  • The teaching of ethics – be fair, respectable and showcase hard work and relentless hustle!
  • Development of skills through out their time here- encouraging them to push their limits and achieve greatness.

Our Coaches:

We believe in bringing our girls some of the best lacrosse coaches in the area who are dedicated to their team’s continual improvement and successes. Our head coaches are dedicated to promote a high level of lacrosse with the emphasis on strong stick skills and team play.

Our Players:

Our players consist of the “best-of-the-best” from Syracuse to Buffalo. Our committed athletes drive throughout Western New York and the Southern Tier to experience the dedication of the players, parents and coaches of the club. Although our athletes vary in age, skill and recognition, all of them boast the same attributes – dedication and commitment to physical, mental and skill development.

Relentless Hustle Renegades philosophy includes five key elements:

  • Commitment – We train athletes who care and are dedicated, and we continue to nurture these qualities.
  • Fitness – Through strength training programs and conditioning, we instill the value of hard work and RELENTLESS HUSTLE in our athletes.
  • Attitude – We focus on training good people in life, school, and sport.
  • Education – Using the team sport of lacrosse, we correlate learning, philosophies, team skills, success and disappointments to life lessons, family, friends, school, careers and society.